Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Motifs!!

Beaded Wreath By Helen Bailey.Coats no 20 thread red with green beads.

Star of David Snowflake By Ruth Perry. Coats no 20 thread Veg purple.

Cher's Ankle Bracelet By Cher Robinson.Coats no 20 thread multi colour.

Cher's Ankle Bracelet By Cher Robinson.Coats no 20 veg Pink

Tatted Loopy Earings By Nancy Tracy
Well this should take me up to number 24 for the motif challenge!! One more to go and I have started it!!The Star of David is for a friend's Birthday, the bracelets are for my granddaughters as are the earrings.


  1. Oh what beautiful tatted items!! I really love the wreath & star!! :)
    And the bracelets and earrings are great too! :)

    1. Thanks, I enjoyed these patterns, now for my Yes-U-Can Doyle.HMMM!!

  2. Very nice variety of tatting! Really pretty motifs, and the bracelets are very adorable!

    I somehow haven't seen some of your posts, and it seems you've done quite a bit of tatting since January. Your TIAS goat turned out really well! I have yet to tat it!

    I'm quite impressed with your travel photos and the fact that you are 'on the go' in a van! Seems like you're enjoying your retirement!

    1. Thanks Kathy, At one stage I didn't think I would finish my 25 motif challenge as we had a lot of family dramas!!! Hopefully they have stopped.The tias was fun although I learnt to tat many years ago I really only got into it in the last year.And yes we do enjoy our retirement.

  3. I don't know if this will go through as this was an older post. I'm trying to find the pattern for the Helen Bailey beaded wreath as I'd like to get permission to use it for teaching purposes. Can you help?